What does a geek do...

Cottage from dusk to dawn

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It's a town's name. The "Niagara on the lake" is a well kept secret among the Torontonians. 

2 hours away from the metro and 20 minutes away from the Niagara falls , the winery village is a peaceful small town sitting at the corner of the Lake Ontario. 

I booked a cottage by the lake and just spent the past weekend with my family there. 

When reviewing the photos shot at the cottage, I just keep thinking: will I be a happier person if I live there for months or even years?

I guess not.

The reason I am happier at the cottage at the moment is that the rhythm changed (from urban city to countryside). If any living style keeps the same routine for quite a while, I'll be bored for sure. Most people will, I believe. BUT: to make it a getaway, to visit there every so often, seems a super fine idea to me!





Roadside Bush

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It suddenly caught my eyes 2 weeks ago although I've passed by this cluster of bush a MILLION times.

Maybe it's because of the autumn colouring or maybe its curling shape, I don't know.

When I start paying attention to it, feel the amazing part of it: No one cares but flourishing itself... 

Sometimes, I act myself as a documenter of nature.

But really, nobody can fully document the nature...

Two beginner level VC++ arcticles posted on CodeProject

There are so many programmers out there started with high level languages: VB/Java/Javascript/SQL/.NET/Python. Many of them have "decades" of coding experience but rarely touched C/C++ (if not never ever touched).

Is that "sad"? Not necessarily. It really depends on how you look at it and how much you know about it.

C/C++ is the parent of all those "high level" languages. It was invented for good reasons, is existing and evolving for good reasons, is evading and being replaced also for good reasons. Without knowing any of above, but blindly ignoring it, downplaying it, or being scared of it, is SAD for any self-esteemed programmer, because he/she missed A LOT.

Among all the excuses, scaring of the complexity of C/C++ syntax and IDE is probably the biggest hurdle of all. That drove me to write the two beginner level C++ articles. 

Me myself picking VC++ IDE is just personal preference because I started with Borland C/C++ IDE 2.5 decades ago and moved  to Visual Studio IDE naturally and gradually. 

Here are URLs:

A super easy DLL made in VC++ IDE, especially for the first time tasters

Cool dummy volume meter in "DOS mode", a fun starter project for anyone who wants to know a little more on VC++ IDE and Win32 Core APIs

The first article is really "super easy". I'm not bragging: I doubt there is any easier VC++/DLL example in the whole world ;-)

The second article is really fun and also showing you great stuff about Win32 and hardware. I even made a youtube video for the demo. Wish you enjoy them as I did: