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When little boy meets a beautiful young lady

"How green was my valley" was the big OSCAR winner in 1942. It's just a flat, strait story telling movie to me, I have no idea how it can beat "Citizen Kane", the same year masterpiece. 

However, I do appreciate the scene when that 10 year old sunny boy (Huw) met a beautiful young lady (his future sister in law). It's so pure and beautiful and does carry lots of lively thoughts on its own. That ice cream licking part pushes all the feelings to the top.


who doesn't like movie

Modern movie making is very complicated. You can easily tell as long as you pay attention to those rolling credits after any movie ends. There are hundreds of crews involved to make just one movie, and sometime it took years to make one.

Lots of factors and moving parts together produce the final movie, and nobody can tell up front if it is a hit or not. Famous directors and super stars can produce bad movies. It happens very often. Only time can tell a movie is either a classic or just a flop. 

Each year, thousands commercial movies are made and played for profit. But just a few of them (or even just a little part of the whole movie) somehow mixed most of the chemistry elements right either by design or by some sort of luck. Its timing, its style, its smell, its tone, are just right! And this is the ART part of the movie.

I really appreciate the art part of the movie and decide to make some small documentary clips on it.  These clips are nuance and details of the art and I believe it's worthwhile to document them and share with others. Of course, the clips just represent my personal opinion and might not fit yours. But at least, I hope they can trigger some of your thoughts.