What does a geek do...

Koi Carps

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The photo was taken from Canada's Wonderland. They seem happy and satisfied.

Koi carps are specifically known for their various colours, although the word "koi" just purely means "carp" in Japanese. 

The shiny colours make them easy preys in any natural habitat. But people do believe these colours bring in fortune and happiness, so the breed survives and thrives, in garden fishponds of course. 

Good thing? Bad thing?

The breed can't survive in natural environment, so no impact to the big ecosystem out there.

But their existence pleases our lives, just like garden flowers and pets, so why not.

A diverse hub

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It's always like that: not too busy, has everything and everything is running well.

Folks, this is an epitome of a diverse city, harbour front of Toronto...


Rusty Classy

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I didn't understand why people like old rusty objects, and always laughed at them (in my mind of course): what the hell are you guys thinking!

Until I put my eyes closer: the time decorated "junkies" lasted for ages, experienced history and still stand there to face the fate...




Myth Moon

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When it comes to moon shot, people usually take crystal, super zoomed, lunar crater detailed shot, just like I did here.

You can call this a lousy cloudy moon shot, but it can also be a ink coloured painting, who knows!

Sometimes, I think the atmosphere is more import, and it can cast a totally different feeling on the same thing.