What does a geek do...

Golden brick building

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This Royal Bank building photo is taken in downtown Toronto. There are higher, fancier buildings around. But its golden and strait forward gives it a classy banker image in the area, which is unique and hard to find in these days.



Just simple feeling

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The lines, the shapes, the colors just feel right and blow me some spring breeze.

It doesn't have to be any tour attraction or something. A community park can do the trick just as well, under certain moment, certain angle.

Plus, my friend told me the first photo can also flash back some Windows XP memory. Oldie geeks talk, LOL…


Blend-in or discordant?

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The church is located at Simcoe & Wellington (downtown Toronto).

Any passerby will notice it. I like it because it always gives me a mixed feeling. 



A geek's taking on sun rising @ the Lake Ontario

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It's a pure nature magic!

If you keep staring at those blinking waving sun rays, you will soon fall into day dream mode, for sure!

The photo was taken via a cheap telephoto lens called Opteka 500mm f/6.3

It looks weird because it's not a glass lens. It's a mirror lens. It relies on concave mirror to collect lights and reflect them to camera CCD. Usually concave mirror is much easier to make than glass with similar power. However, since it's fixed mirror so it lacks of all those fancy automatic features (auto focus, anti shaking etc). You basically need to adjust everything manually. That's why the price is low, at around 100 CAD (comparing to those 1000+$ lens).

Since this is a geek blog, I'd like to throw more info on you;-)

In theory, this "mirror" lens is no difference than a typical Newtonian Reflector Telescope . 

I enjoy the whole immersive experience of this photo taking experience: 

- study the object and make a plan

- drop myself at certain point at certain moment

- set up the tripod and gears

- adjust the gears manually

- take shots

- post processing

Of course, To finally sharing the result is part of the fun, but as long as you enjoy the previous parts, it's already worthwhile.