What does a geek do...

A winter morning at Bluff Park (Scarborough)

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I originally planned to take some sun rise shots but missed several minutes (The greatest part of sun rise has completed) and didn't want to go home with empty hand, so...

The photo was taken with a timer and guess who is the guy standing at the tip? 



CN tower (Toronto) in the dusk

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Most CN tower photos are full portrait of the building. I don't want to add another boring stance to the world.

So here it is: a UFO like CN tower. The light in that beautiful evening dusk added some dramatic effect for sure!

My afterthought was: wait a minute, what if I use a higher telephoto lens to capture a bigger and more detailed object? Well, scene photography is mostly about "moment", about "luck", if everything planned/designed right, that's studio shots and will lose the real scene feelings.

So I'm glad to shoot this at the moment. That's the best I could do at the moment and it's like my personal diary whenever I review this photo.