What does a geek do...

Fall Colour from Seneca Hill

(Click the image to view larger version on Flickr) 

Camera setting: 1/400 f/8 55mm

This photo was taken in October, 2015 and applied HDR technique. 

Just love the rich colour spreading all over the place. What a beautiful afternoon view from Seneca Hill (Toronto)!


Who doesn't like photography

In this Smart Phone + Social Media age, photos are everywhere. Most photos are taken on random basis, as long as there is an interesting spot or moment, a shutter button is clicked.

A good photo carries feelings and tells stories. Unfortunately most photos are just flat and boring. You know what, in most cases, this "flat & boring" standard is very subjective. Some people like a photo so much that they save it as their desktop background or even print it out and hang it on the wall of their living room. However some other people might just skip the same photo and don't even bother to give it a second look. 

Professional photographers have to think and plan a lot before they really touch the shutter button. Sometime I am jealous of those pros' equipment and time on hand. But most of the time, I enjoy photography just because I can devote myself into the nature, study the composing of the lights/colours/shapes/perspectives, and engage post processing to experiment different tones and feelings. It's just a fantastic hobby one can get. 

I don't mind most of my photos are "flat & boring" to others, as long as I enjoy the whole process and seriously treat it as a THING to do, that's the most important part of the hobby. (Oh, I don't think my photos are that bad ;-)

This blog can only handle small sized image (600 X 300 or so). I will just post small sized photos, but give the link to my Flickr image in case you are still interested to see the bigger version of it.