What does a geek do...

Salute to the original alien movie

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 Air-dried giant figure driving a vintage ion cannon. The dark metallic and coarse feeling is just on the surface. Once you start to pay attention to it, It captures you: was he trying to defence the base or attacking a target? Why was he frozen like that? for how many years? The suspensions built and hang in seconds, which drives you into the movie deeper and deeper. Brilliant scene!

That's why it's so classic and I just can't forget it after so many years. 

Alien (1979) is one of my favorite sci-fi thriller. computer 3D wan't there yet. Everything was done in hand-made model. H. R. Giger was the head designer of Alien production. He's known for creating the Alien monster. But not sure he created this scene or not.

My son was playing COD (call of duty) action figure the other day. I watched his play and suddenly realized that I can have a shot on that figure which can reflect some feeling of this original Alien scene. 


Toronto island airport

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 Billy Bishop International Airport is a small city airport located at a human made island (central island) in Lake Ontario. Although it's official name has "international" in it, the airlines there mainly cover around 1000 KM or shorter distance. the main plane model is Bombardier Q400. Not bad looking in my opinion. The engine type is Turboprop, not as fancy as Turbojet which is always seen on a combat fighter or private jet, but still popular on commercial planes in these days.


Golden brick building

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This Royal Bank building photo is taken in downtown Toronto. There are higher, fancier buildings around. But its golden and strait forward gives it a classy banker image in the area, which is unique and hard to find in these days.



Just simple feeling

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The lines, the shapes, the colors just feel right and blow me some spring breeze.

It doesn't have to be any tour attraction or something. A community park can do the trick just as well, under certain moment, certain angle.

Plus, my friend told me the first photo can also flash back some Windows XP memory. Oldie geeks talk, LOL…