What does a geek do...

Apartment in night with colours and shadows

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Right-after-rain night is always good for photography. 

It's quiet and beautiful: the coarse surfaced road has some mirror effect reflecting night colours; The building shadows add some myths; The vehicle trails give timing and speed. What a night shot! I enjoy the whole process of it.

(I applied 2 seconds shutter speed for this shot. For camera details please click it to see my Flickr page) 


Corvette in a local garage's show room

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Only enthusiasm and craftmanship can give this.

When I first saw this beauty through a local indie garage window, I can tell immediately that the owner is a real fan even myself is not, because everyone can feel it.

Some might think it's a waste for a small shop. I'd think it's a very good demo to customers or potential customers. 


Canada Life Building with Statuary

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From its words to the old fashioned brick walls, "Canada Life" gives me very serious and professional feeling. Kind of heavy and taciturn. On the other hand, the winged angel comes in handy, brings speed and personality into the context. Like this balanced feeling so much!

Two asian restaurants' signs in night


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Picturing a chilly November night outside, you sit inside and some delicious dishes are brought to the table with the white steam vaporing gently...

Fulfilling and satisfying, I wish I can deliver a sense of Asian cuisine in these photos.