What does a geek do...

Christmas Moose in downtown Toronto

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Beautiful Christmas decorations here in downtown Toronto: the bull moose (because of the horn?) and the fawn marching together peacefully, carry the confidence and calm. The whole tone warms me up! Oh, may I please remind you, moose is an icon of Canada.


Dancing willow

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It surprises me that willow leaves are still green/yellowish in this gusty chilled November. I'm glad to catch this windy look of the plant. I try to search a good name for this post, find some "weeping" names in quite a few places. Although I understand the gentle sorrow of that "weeping", just don't like the upset part of it. "Dancing" is more like it...

Also like to share an interesting fact. There is an ancient Chinese proverb describing this very well: "树欲静而风不止". It means that, the tree wants to stay still, but the wind just doesn't allow it. It's kind of feeling of "zen", "tao", "yinyang", you know what I meant.