What does a geek do...

Modern Sculpture at Downtown Toronto

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This metal sculpture is just amazing! It's abstracted (dinosaur? elephant? giraffe?)  but does convey some senses on power, agility and dignity. I added some time lapse (1 second) to give it more speed feeling...

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Second evening of the super moon

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The official "super moon" day is actually 11/14. We had a cloudy night so I captured it on the next evening.

Nothing really special from the zooming lens perspective. Yes it's beautiful, but it's always beautiful. The only difference is when people think of "super moon" terminology. This word has some magic power which makes the viewer to pay a deeper look and thought on the subject, which is...amazing....

FYI, if you like to know the camera settings of this photo, just click it to open my Flickr page of this image, all settings are listed there.


Local lighting store

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Passed by and Looked through the window of a local lighting store, cozy and shiny. Wish I could be one of those shoppers, comparing and picking lights fitting my room...