What does a geek do...


Hello, World!

Glad you find this blog.

Most of us live in an ordinary life: deal with day to day tasks, routinely and repetitively.  However, from time to time, extraordinary ideas do pop up in our mind, it could be a poem, a fictional story, a painting, a crafted artwork, an iPhone app, a stop motion clip, a creative PS photo, a GoPro shot, just to name a few... These ideas are "sparkles" in the life.

In my dictionary, people who convert these sparkles into realities are geeks.

Thanks to the modern digital tools, it’s easier than ever to be a maker, a creator, i.e. a geek! And thanks to this Internet age, it's easier than ever to share a geek's stuff.

This site collects some of my geeky projects and writings. To be honest, most of them are amateur and primitive, but they do trigger my passion and I hope they trigger yours as well.

Happy geeking…

-Simon Pang (Geek2Simon)

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