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Cottage from dusk to dawn

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It's a town's name. The "Niagara on the lake" is a well kept secret among the Torontonians. 

2 hours away from the metro and 20 minutes away from the Niagara falls , the winery village is a peaceful small town sitting at the corner of the Lake Ontario. 

I booked a cottage by the lake and just spent the past weekend with my family there. 

When reviewing the photos shot at the cottage, I just keep thinking: will I be a happier person if I live there for months or even years?

I guess not.

The reason I am happier at the cottage at the moment is that the rhythm changed (from urban city to countryside). If any living style keeps the same routine for quite a while, I'll be bored for sure. Most people will, I believe. BUT: to make it a getaway, to visit there every so often, seems a super fine idea to me!





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