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ExcelPic - Excel Pixelating Image Creator (source code also available)

This little app is mainly created for fun. All it does is to use Excel worksheet cells as pixels to render a real image.

Some experiments in programming here and there, maybe (.NET, C#, Interop, COM+ etc.) 

To run this app, you computer needs 

(1) .NET framework 4.5 installed (most reasonably patched/updated windows PC  should qualify)

(2) Office Excel properly installed (Office 2010 or above)

You can download the zipped EXE here: (9.42 kb) (NOTE: this URL is located at server)

To See its real action on YouTube:


Three screenshots also posted here:

- The source code....


 - Rendering in Excel....

 - Result here (recognize this young man?)


I also post my source code and detailed technical explanation on

 (You do recognize this is young Bill Gates right?)

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