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High ground vs high air

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In "Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith", the last duel (Anakin vs Obi Wan) does have some dramatic tensions. I wasn't very clear what's the exact meaning of Obi-wan's yelling "I have the high ground".

This question lingered for quite long enough and finally I decided to tackle it.

First thing first. In a military battle, the party who has the physically higher ground does have some advantages such as:

  • easier to charge against the enemy
  • higher weapon momentum because of the gravity (to throw spears, grenade etc.)
  • better sight to see enemy's moves (thus better sniper spots)

So Obi-wan is right.

But why does he yell? Couldn't he just keep quiet and kill silently?

The simple reason would be that he still had some brother-hood-love in Anakin so he warned him.

But the not-so-simple-reason also exists. The lava stream was flowing and Anakin could either float away along with the flow, or he could just land to another further spot then do some sort of ground-to-ground approach. In this case, Obi-wan's yelling might just be a psychology game to trigger Anakin's ego.

Both reasons are possible. The director might just leaves the thoughts to the audience on purpose. You judge.

Back to Anakin. After he was triggered by the "high ground" yelling, he decided to jump to a even higher spot to prove he's better. It is higher, but it's in high air and he easily lost the maneuver of the sword...

Overall, it's a wonderful scene and definitely worth a blog entry.

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