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Samuel Jackson delivered: Jules (pulp fiction) vs Rufus (kill bill 2)

Samuel Jackson's voice does have characters. I enjoy listening Samuel's dialogue in his movies. It can be funny, horrible, dumb or very serious. Behind these phonetic characters, I feel elegance, if I must say.

The pulp fiction scene I compiled here is a long "boring" lecturing. I say it's "boring" because I really felt so and skipped part when I was first watching it. Years after, when I got really bored in the real life, I went back to my dust collecting DVDs. All of sudden, these lectures are interesting and fun to watch. They do have meaning and are delivered in a great performance. John Travolta's short break-in is also funny and punchy.

The Rufus part in "Kill Bill 2" clearly shows a jazz veteran's experience, sort of run-himself-into-the-ground feeling.

In IMDB, Some said the two scenes are kind of connected. Because in pulp fiction, Jules did say that after he quits the gangster life, he might just wander around in his future and to do some different things as long as he can keep on searching his religious path, so a musician ended at a Christian church could be a logical choice.

Sure, I give a big credit to the writer/director Quentin Tarantino for composing these, but It's Samuel's acting that punched lines. Salute!


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