What does a geek do...

The funny scene connects "Be Cool " (2005) and "Snow White" (1937)

I'd say this is my ORIGINAL thought ;-)
Can you even imagine! Rappers and Snow White Dwarfs have something in common. Just watch the video and judge it yourself. To me, this scene is a wonderful example of what Steve Jobs said: 'Good artists copy; great artists steal'

You can tell that:

Miss Moon is Snow White

Rappers are Dwarfs

Mr. Sin is the Doc (head of dwarfs)

Dabu is the combo of Dopey and Grumpy

I'm not sure about Mr. Chilli (John Travolta), he probably is part of the Snow White (the brave part of course). Don't forget gangsters' stepping out style either, it's vert similar to the Disney cartoon.

It's really fun to watch and compare the two.

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