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Two fantastic dance scenes: John Travolta / Uma Thurman

I mixed two dances in Pulp fiction (1994) & Be Cool (2005). We can see fantastic rhythm and moves. Both are wild, stunning and sophisticated.

Travolta: Vincent was just a small time gangster in 1994. 10 years later, Chili Palmer, the loan shark tough guy. What a convenient evolvement ;-)

Thurman: Mia, the big brother's restless young wife in 1994. 10 years later, Edie, a matured and ambitious music producer. Both are a little naive and a little aggressive, attractive too. 

Plus, We all know that Travolta is one hell of a dancer since 1970s. The way he held his moves to fit the roles is what I really appreciate to watch.

Because that's the part gives me the drama feeling: Vincent is pushing himself to the edge; Chili Palmer is relaxed and enjoy the moment. So do I...

Hope you you enjoy it too.


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